Better Sex Through Simple Exercise

www.simulationgame.jpExercise in and of itself is a suitable pursuit for any man wishing to keep fit, but the undeniable fact that some exercises can promote better intimacy makes fitness even more appealing. While focusing on many penis medical issues can also play a part in achieving better love-making, its important to also focus on areas of the body beyond the penis itself.

Getting well developed makes a man look better and also retains him in better intimate shape. A guy doesnt have to work toward gaining massive muscles, but simply on taking what he has and shaping it up.

Knowing that, the next exercises are recommended to stay on the road to better sex.


Planks are an outstanding exercise for strengthening the center. By focusing on tightening up the belly, buttocks, lower back and upper lower limbs, a guy is assisting to induce the muscles which are of great use when participating in the thrusting motion that is at the heart of intercourse.

Plank exercise is fairly simple in design if challenging in execution. A guy should loosen up on the floor and bend his forearms in order that they rest on the ground, then lift his body up in a straight position. The weight should be fairly evenly divided between the forearms and the toes. Start by keeping this position for 5 seconds, resting for 5 and repeating many times. The goal is to eventually hold the position for so long as possible to provide maximum central benefits.


Planks exclusively wont get those abs in form, and the more robust the ab muscles, the stronger the thrusting functionality. Crunches have long substituted the old sit-up; as with sit-ups, a man lies on the floor, knees bent, hands behind the top. Then lifts his head, neck, shoulders and spine but just until his shoulders leave the floor and he feels a crunch in his stomach. Its good to hold for a few seconds, then go back to starting position and repeat.


Upper arm strength is also important for improving sexual encounters, particularly if one frequently utilizes the ever-popular missionary position. Men who are not in the best of condition may find that they want to get started on with half-push-ups, where one starts off from a kneeling position. After building up sufficient strength, a guy can then build up to the original legs straight out, weight on the feet method.


Squats have a triple benefit: Not merely do they work on toning the leg muscles, also, they are associated with boosting testosterone levels in men as well as with increasing blood flow to the penis. That makes them a win-win-win.

To squat, a man starts standing direct. He bends his knees, getting as low as he is able to while at the same time raising his forearms, keeping them straight until they are perpendicular to the ground. Go back to a ranking position and duplicate.


Bridges give a little workout to the pelvic region to prepare it for its activities during intercourse. To execute a bridge, a man lies on to the floor with his legs bent and his toes shoulder-width apart and toned on the ground. Biceps and triceps should be smooth on the ground beside the body. Using his pelvic muscles, he should lift his midsection off the bottom, forming a straight line between his knees and shoulders; keep for a few seconds and lower to the ground. Duplicate the exercise.

Please be aware: As with any exercise routine, a guy should be mindful; discovering the right pace and level is important to steering clear of injury.

Needless to say, exercise isnt the whole picture. A healthy penis is also a key to better sex, and regular use of any first-rate penis health crme (medical researchers recommend Man1 Man Essential oil) can assist in this area. A crme with L-arginine is particularly helpful, as it could raise nitric oxide production which can subsequently keep penis blood vessels open up and receptive to flow. In addition, the crme should contain supplement C. The topical software of this supplement on the penis supports collagen production and penile cells firmness and thats an advantage for any man thinking about penis health.

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