In home light timers and other similar products have been available for a long time now. These products use to just turn the lights on and off at certain times that were pre-set on a timer. Now, though, these types of security devices can be programmed by a computer. The programming can be set to turn the lights on and off at random times during the day and even set for different day’s altogether. This adds another layer of security to fool burglars.

They are always looking for patterns. Lastly, home security systems long island are not complete without protection from within. Hidden cameras monitor housekeepers and nannies who work in your home. You’ll now be able to monitor how well they do their job or if they are even doing their job at all. You can even spot which of your kids are snooping on their Christmas present or finishes the cookies in the cookie jar. Usually we think of an alarm being sounded when a security system is tripped.

That very often is exactly the case. There are, however, other programmed alerts that can be activated. Some alerts may simply be a chime for usual door opening during the course of a day or a driveway alarm signaling a vehicle arriving in the driveway. Some alerts are in the form of an automated phone call. These can be programmed for police or fire departments and/or to your cell phone. Interior & Exterior lights should be on timers. People often make the mistake of just turning on one light when they leave the house.

This is not good enough, an experienced burglar will see through this. The interior of your house should appear lived in, this means more than one light on in the house. Living room lights, kitchen lights and a bedroom light, all turned on at the same time, give the appearance that many people are home. Also, the television and or a radio should be on a timer during the hours you would normally watch TV. The flickering light of a T.V. at night makes a great deterrent.

In a neighborhood with houses of similar value, intruders often select their potential target by looking for the most expensive car on the block. Let your kids park their beater in the drive way to help deter burglars. Thefts of cars have jumped nationwide by 164% from last year, and vandalism leading to theft has more than doubled. Most law enforcement officers say it has been in direct correlation to the economy falling.

The above scenario can happen at any time and you are no longer safe. You really need to have an apartment security system to protect your family. Not only will an alarm system alert your neighbors, but it will give you warning and time to react to protect yourself if someone breaks into your apartment while you are home. It may be to capture a thief who has barged in or a maid at home, you need to monitor on. Poorly designed wiring may hint the thief that there is a camera and he may do some thing for it to start disfunctioning.

When you have a wireless device installed you leave the thief clueless about the presence of the device. Thus, your hidden device can capture all that he has done and he will soon be traced back easily with his physical appearance captured well. Burglars enter the house through to main entry points, the door and the windows. The majority of home break ins occur when a burglar gains entry via a window – keep the windows secure and you cut down on your chance of a break in significantly.